This site started as a way for me to document home IT projects in a way that has a little more descriptions than my usual mess of notes. After a couple of setbacks (see my first post) we are back online!

For those just joining us, the articles link above will provide a list of posts. For those that are starting their Kubernetes journey, I would check out A Return of Sorts, which covers setting up a multi-node rancher (RKE2) cluster. For those looking to implement a single Kubernetes node for PlexStack, check out: Introducing PlexStack.

I have been working in the information technology field for over 20 years. I started in desktop support and server administration. I was an early VMware adopter and moved on to consulting and education services around virtualization and storage. I have recently moved into working with containers, and Kubernetes specifically.

Latest Posts

Migrating a VM from vSphere to Openshift Virtualization

Portworx is a solution for data management on Kubernetes, but one area that surprised me was that our support extended to the KubeVirt project. Kubevirt is funded by RedHat, and a number of my customer have asked about the feasibility of using Portworx for virtualization. KubeVirt is an open-source project, and although I configured the …